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An integrated approach to managing what matters most to your business.


Dedicated to providing you with a reliable transportation solution for your assets.

Services are preformed by our licensed, trained, and armed personnel ensuring your assets are safe with us. Once on board with us, you'll be paired up with a member of our client management team to strategically schedule your service to best meet your needs. Being the preferred vendor in the areas we service, you won't have to worry again about another missed pick up. Our high quality customer care ensures you will always be taken care of.
Transportation services are offered for:

| Revenue Deposits For Validating

| Cash Between Licensed Businesses

| Cash Between Businesses To Government Offices

Cash Services

Eliminating worries about day to day cash flow, our cash services simplify reconciliations and leverages technology, so your team can work smarter not harder.

We simplify the process for businesses operating in cash intensive industries. From obtaining deposit reports to requesting ATM and change orders, we make it easy for cash control and oversight.
Services we offered include:

| Currency Transportation

| Secured Vaulting

| Currency Processing & Validating

| Transparent Deposit Reporting

| Banking Relationship Support


Offering a full suite of compliance services, we provide you and your bank with confidence in your operational procedures.

Blue Line Protection Group’s investigations services provide our clients the compliance assurance they need to provide their services with confidence to those operating in the lawful industries. We'll help you, your staff and your business take the steps necessary to follow state and federal compliance requirements so banks can be sure you’re operating a responsible and legitimate business. 

We can also assess and investigate your business' internal operations to help you determine which of your operations are most likely to be targeted by criminals. Our investigators are also prepared to help you examine your employees and root out the problems that may be hiding in plain sight.
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